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Jeff Bornstein

About Jeff

Smitten at a young age, Jeff started racing motorcycles when he was ten years old. Every Friday night his dad would take him to Indian Dunes motorcycle park where huge name stars had their kids racing there as well. Soon he found himself hanging out with the sons of stunt coordinators and actors, performing live stunt shows for their families on weekends. After not knowing which direction to go, Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving both local and abroad where he was Military Intelligence with a TOP SECRET clearance. Upon his honorable discharge, he saw an add in the newspaper for background-work for the movie "Rocky III"; he showed up and that's where he got bit-by-the-bug! Paying his dues for the next few years and in 1987, he got his first break where he found himself strapped to the hood of a car doubling an actor in the movie "Heat Street". Excited to be in the entertainment industry, Jeff spent the next five years perfecting his craft as a professional stuntman in TV & Film. In 1995 he took a short leave of absence to peruse his other passion. He is an accomplished professional magician and a long time performing member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He and his wife tour the country with their comedy & variety show Operation: Bravo entertaining the US troops, both local and abroad. In 2008 Jeff came back into "the biz" to study acting and has been "living his dream" ever since.

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